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Weighing in at just 21 lbs., the TNT SC-1A, dual bark-biting "V" bar Self-Climber (stand-up/sit-down), is an allaluminum climber, that features our quick and easy, keyhole over stud attachment system. This system allows the stand platform and seat frame, to be connected to the tree effortlessly in seconds, then uses locking spring pin attachments, for security. The SC-1A foot platform consists of an aluminum ribbed construction with underside cross rib struts, which distribute the load throughout, leading to increased strength. Once reaching your desired climbing height, two LD ratchet straps are used to lock the climber in place for rock solid, and secure performance. This extra large aluminum self-climbing stand, which was designed with the bowhunter in mind, offers our easy push-back Superior Comfort mesh seat, which when pushed back, permits use of the entire platform, and provides everything needed for safe, quiet, and comfortable hunts over your preferred honey hole. The stand folds flat to 6” for easy packing.


  • Full-body, four-point Certified FAS (Fall-Arrest System)
  • Push-back mesh seat
  • Camo covered padded carrying straps
  • Two light-duty stabilizing "S" hook ratchet strap assemblies
  • Quick detach lanyards
  • Platform Size: 22” wide x 32 1⁄2” deep
  • Seat Frame Size: 22” wide x 32 1⁄2” deep
  • Stand weight: 21 lbs.
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Stand folds to 6” for easy packing
  • Finish: Gunmetal Grey textured powder coating
  • Tree Size: Will accommodate 9” to 19” tree