TNT P1600S
TNT P1600S
TNT P1600S
TNT P1600S
TNT P1600S
TNT P1600S
TNT P1600S

TNT P1600S

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Featuring our 14 oz. TNT "V" Bracket (patent pending) hanging system and our single pin, micro-position leveling stem, the TNT Model P1600S hang-on offers the ultimate in portability and versatility, weighing in at 19 lbs. This stand is equipped with a huge 26” x 32” platform and our 18" x 12" flip-back Teslin seat, to offer all day comfort for those all day hunts. Despite its very large size, the P1600S is portable enough to allow you to pack easily into your favorite stand-site quickly, quietly and easily. Nylon washers in all pivot points, allow for a totally silent hunting experience. This stand provides all the room any hunter, whether an experienced hunter, beginner or elderly, could ask for, in a single person hang-on.


Every TNT Premium Series hang-on treestand comes equipped with 1 TNT Universal "V" bracket and 1 heavy duty ratchet assemblies. This bracket install in seconds and once secured to the tree, the stand simply drops into place. This system offers the ultimate in portability and versatility, increasing safety during installation and reducing the risk of tree stand theft. Prior to the hunting season, multiple brackets can be installed, allowing the hunter to change stand sites as quickly as weather or animal patterns change, while maintaining pre-existing shooting lanes.


  • Rugged steel construction
  • One easy to install TNT Universal "V" Bracket (Patent Pending)
    * Additional brackets available as Accessories
  • One heavy duty, 1.5 inch, 3000 lbs. capacity “J” hook with keeper ratchet strap assembly (for bracket installation)
  • One heavy duty, 1.5inch 3000 lbs. capacity platform stabilizing looped ratchet strap assembly (for platform stabilizing)
  • Full-body, four-point Certified FAS (Fall-Arrest System)
  • Water, mold, UV and rodent resistant , flip-back Teslin seat
  • Weight: Under 19 lbs.
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Platform Size: 26” wide x 32” deep
  • Seat Size: 18" wide x 12" deep
  • Seat Height: 20”
  • Finish: Gunmetal Grey textured powder coating
  • Tree Size: 9” - 20” tree diameter
  • Stand folds flat for easy packing and transportation
  • 1 year limited warranty